The Jonathan Schwarz
Respiratory Therapist of the Year Award

This prestigious award (formerly known as the IMV award) is given in honor of Jonathan Schwarz. Jonathan was an extraordinary Respiratory Therapist who was loved and respected by all who knew him.  This award will represent and recognize a special Respiratory Therapist who is involved, motivated and is valuable to his/her profession.

The RT of the Year Award plaque shall be presented at the NYDART Annual Fall Symposium to an individual dedicated to the Profession of Respiratory Therapy while living or working in the New York Downstate vicinity.  This individual must uphold the aims and goals of NYDART.

The individual RT shall demonstrate:

  1. A contribution to the science, technology, ethics and the art of Respiratory Therapy.
  2. Excellence in the practice of Respiratory Therapy as a clinician, educator or administrator.
  3. Contribution to the growth of the field as evidenced by his/her clinical practice and participation in professional activities.


The nominee must:

  1. Reside or work in NYC or Long Island.
  2. Be an active member of the AARC and NYDART Inc.
  3. Complete at least five years of service to the profession of Respiratory Therapy.
  4. Demonstrate significant achievement in one or more of the following areas in the preceding two years:
  5. Professional Practice(service to the community, job related activities, professional

    presentations, offices held in professional societies/organizations)

  1. Academic Achievement(level of education, professional credentials, scholastic record)
  2. Professional Service to NYDART Inc.(committee work, offices held, participation in    

    board meetings and NYDART sponsored events such as symposiums and seminars)


  1. Nominations may come from any active member of the AARC and NYDART Inc.
  2. The nomination must be submitted to the NYDART Awards Committee Chairman no later than two months prior to the date of the annual NYDART Fall Symposium.
  3. Based on the nominations received, the President of NYDART will request that the prospective candidates submit a curriculum vitae and the names of two references other than the nominator to the Board of Directors one month prior to the date of the annual NYDART Fall Symposium.
  4. The award plaque will be presented at the annual NYDART Fall Symposium. ( )
  5. All nominations must be sent via US postal mail to:

Warren Weiner, BS RRT, RPFT
NYDART Awards Committee Chairman
C/O US Department of Veterans Affairs NYHHS

Respiratory Care Services, Room 13091S

423 East 23rd Street

New York, NY 10010